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Jan 20 Listen: Tinie Tempah – “Text From Your Ex” (feat. Tinashe)

Tinie Tempah is truly on a roll this year. Every song he has released leading up the arrival of his Youth album, due out January 27, has been nothing short of fantastic. For his latest release, a song titled “Text From Your Ex,” the British rapper enlisted the one and only Tinashe, elevating the track to pop-tastic heights. Staying through to its London roots but still making very much satisfactory to the listening ears of outsiders, “Text from Your Ex” takes on problems that arise from messages to a spiteful ex whilst in a flourishing relationship. Listen below!

Nov 18 Watch: Britney Spears – “Slumber Party” ft. Tinashe

Pop royalty Britney Spears invites newcomer Tinashe to join her fun in their new music video for joint single “Slumber Party” off Spears’ ninth studio album titled Glory. The track evolved into a duet exclusively for its single release resulting in an unexpected, but nonetheless ideal match. The Colin Tilley-directed visual finds Spears entering a luxurious mansion where an over-the-top party filled with bubbles, smoke, and colored powder is happening. In typical Spears fashion, the singer is then joined by Tinashe in some girl on girl action and a sultry and moderately suggestive choreographed dance. Watch the music video for “Slumber...more

Sep 15 Listen: Tinashe – “Company”

While the fate of her sophomore album (Joyride) still rests in limbo, Tinashe has releases a brand new promotional single from the aforementioned album, a song titled “Company.” Company comes preceded by songs like Player, Party Flavors, and Superlove, which also hears production credits from Tricky & The-Dream. With this release, Tinashe proves one again she is pretty much just free-styling this era. In layman’s terms, so far, this album is in way cohesive. There is no theme, no consistency. Its finished product should be interesting. Hear “Company” below!

Jul 14 Listen: Tinashe – “Superlove”

Well, this is exciting. After months of complete and utter silence, Tinashe is back with a brand new single. The single, titled Superlove, comes preceded by a number of minimally-successful singles, the likes of Player and Party Favors. With the release of Superlove, it is safe to say things are finally falling back into place for her sophomore album, tentatively titled Joyride. Superlove, produced by heavy-hitters The Dream and  Tricky Stewart is high up there with some of the best songs released in the early 00’s. It is nostalgic with potential to crossover, something Tinashe has been in dire need of since 2 On.  Way...more

Feb 02 Listen: Tinashe – “Ride Of Your Life”

Question. What exactly is going on with Tinashe this JOYRIDE era? Label issues? Lack of creative control? Substituting quantity (stardom) for quality? Every other day, she’s releasing some sort of buzz track and all of them are just there at best. Surprisingly, her debut album era was way more organized and each track that ended up being on the album was magnificent. Oh well. She just dropped another single from her new album. The song is title “Ride Of Your Life” and it was produced by Metro Boomin. Ride Of Your Life comes preceded by the previously released Player, which...more

Jan 19 Listen: Tinashe – “Energy” (feat. Juicy J)

Tinashe is at that point in her career when she just does not care anymore. After expressing her frustration with the way her label, RCA Records, has handled this Joyride Era, the “Player” singer hopped on Soundcloud to share Juicy J-guested Energy. Just going off the track’s artwork, you can tell that like Party Favors, Energy was posted to prove a point / invoke a response from RCA Records.

Nov 02 VIDEO: Tinashe – “Player” (feat. Chris Brown)

Last month saw the release of the lead single off Tinashe’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, Joyride. Titled Player, the single featured Chris Brown and received praise from fans and critics alike. Today, nearly a month since the single surfaced, Tinashe has released a music video to go along with the EDM-sounding record. The video kicks off with a definition of who a player is, “a person taking part in a competition or contest.” Shortly after the definition fades, Tinashe takes part in a dancing contest with three guys from different dance backgrounds and one other talented girl. Destroying all of them...more