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Feb 16 Interview: The Maine

Arizona-based rockers The Maine just wrapped up tour with fellow pop-punk legends Mayday Parade.  The two bands traveled together in a single tour bus throughout Ireland and the UK, performing to sold-out crowds in London and Leeds. We managed to catch up with bassist Garrett Nickelsen about their latest album, American Candy, his favourite tour memories, and The Maine’s key to success for staying together as a band. 1. On your last tour of the US you created a whole tour that was completely free. What made you decide to do that? How were the shows? Yeah the tour was a lot of fun! The idea came about...more

Dec 10 Year In Review: 25 Best Songs of 2015

Of all the lists we have had to compile, this, by far, was the toughest. Why? Narrowing the best tracks that were released in 2015 is like finding a needle in a haystack, the haystack being all of the great songs that were released this year. The saying “‘Tis the season” was applicable to the better part of this year as every single day, there was a brand new gift – in the form of music – to be unraveled. To make things less difficult (well, sorta), each Trendio editor was asked to pick five of their favorite songs born...more