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Jan 23 Listen: Tatiana Manaois – “Again & Again”

Vine turns three in a couple of days and in those three years of its existence, Tatiana Manaois remains one of the very best musical discoveries on the social media platform. Though still growing in popularity, Manaois has managed to release fantastic acoustic folk-like numbers, each of which she not only wrote but also produced. Again & Again, her latest release, isn’t very far off from her other original stuff. Nonetheless, like each of her tracks, Again & Again minimally-produced masterpiece. To weather the impending snow storm, hear Tatiana Manaois’ “Again & Again” below!

Dec 12 Listen: Tatiana Manaois – “Like You”

If you don’t know how much we love Tatiana Manaois by now, you must not know about us. Since discovering the Vine sensation, she is yet to musically disappoint us. Following her collaboration with Mac Mase, the California-native has unveiled a new song, Like You. From Helplessly to Beauty Sings, Tatiana has a track record of releasing gorgeously glazed song, and Like You is no exception. It is takes a rather subtle approach, yet it delivers effortlessly from start to finish. In search for a song to keep you warm in the midst of the crazy weather outside? This is...more

Sep 11 Listen: Tatiana Manaois – “I Want It to Be You” (feat. Mac Mase)

If I really really really had to pick my favorite discovery this year, it would be Tatiana Manaois. As of the time of writing, I’m yet to find an artist with a sound half as refreshing as hers. Today is off to a great start as Tatiana dropped a brand new single, OUT OF THE BLUE, entitled “I Want It to Be You.” The track, which will likely appear on Tatiana’s next collective, features rapper, Mac Mase. Like her previous works, “I Want It to Be You” is the perfect soulful acoustic pop song, backed by head-nodding drum kicks. Of...more

Mar 20 Crème De La Crème: March 20 – March 27

For now on, we would like refer to our “Artists Of The Week” as Crème De La Crème, the best of the best. Last week, we had four amazing artists selected as our “Artists Of The Week.” They were Kyndall, Daye Jack, Scott Helman, and Louise Smith. A quick recap: Kyndall is a 19-year old Houston-bred, R&B songstress, with a very bright future ahead of her. She released her debut EP “Still Down” earlier this month and it received major praise from Haley! Also selected as a favorite last week was Scott Helman. “Have you ever discovered an artist that...more

Mar 08 Fresh Off The Block // Tatiana Manaois

About a month ago, I came across a video of an adorable girl singing an original song of hers. “You distract me, but I’m distracted without you,” she sang in the 6-second VINE video. I made it my mission to find out who was singing the song, and as it turns out, her name is Tatiana Manaois. Tatiana Manaois is a California-based singer-songwriter. She rose to internet fame in 2014, after the VINE video mentioned above went viral.