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Oct 22 VIDEO: Shannon Saunders – “Back Around”

My favorite UK-based newcomer, singer-songwriter Shannon Saunders, has just unveiled some pretty dope music. Back Around, as it is titled, is Saunders’ first release since her stellar EP, Instar. “Back Around” was produced by Saunders’ boyfriend, who just happens to be an incredible DJ. The track, streaming now on Soundcloud, is a ridiculously catchy electro-pop jam, something Saunders is no stranger to. The music video, directed by Raja Virdi, was released today (Oct. 22). Simple in its approach, its sees a rather thrilling side of Shannon Saunders, dancing to the infectious beat of the track. Watch below!

May 27 Shannon Saunders – “Electric” (Live)

I will never not be in awe of Shannon Saunders. Earlier this month, the 20-year-old British songbird released a 4-song EP, titled “Instar.” Of all four songs on the EP, “Electric” was the only song that came along with the EP. Chosen as the next single from the EP, “Electric” was performed live during Shannon’s sessions with SBTV. Even though the performance was stripped down, it was nothing short of amazing! Watch below!

May 18 Stream Shannon Saunders’ EP, “Instar”

Sometimes, all you need is an artist with vocals as sooting as Shannon Saunders’. The British singer-songwriter, our one time AOTW, has just released her debut EP, “Instar.” The 4-song EP comes preceded by soaring and bouncy records “Silly Little Thing,” “Lo-Fi,” which we previously shared with you and “Bodies & Beats.” If we had to describe this EP in one word, the word “impeccable” comes to mind. Stream the “Instar” EP below and be sure to purchase it on iTunes (If you’re in the U.K.), it is very very much worth it! Lo-Fi Bodies & Beats Electric *or Purchase...more

Mar 31 Listen: Shannon Saunders – “LO-FI”

One time “Artist Of The Week,” and all around incredible singer-songwriter, Shannon Saunders, has just released all-new material. “LO-FI” is the single’s title and it saw its official release on March 31, on both iTunes and Soundcloud. As the title suggests, the single is lo-fi soulful track that does a good job at showcasing Saunders’s captivating vocals. P.S. Earlier this year, Shannon Saunders received her first airplay, for Sheets, on BBC Radio 1. Congrats Shannon! Listen to “LO-FI” below!

Dec 12 Artists Of The Week (December 12 – 19)

It’s that time of the week when we say goodbye to our past Artists Of The Week and introduce you to new ones. To kick off the ~tag of the week~ phenomena, we each choose an tag we loved and thought he/she deserved some more recognition. We are doing the same thing this week and every week, starting Friday. Last week, Renée‘s pick was Malia, Haley‘s was Kehlani, Jon‘s was Run The Jewels, and Sarah‘s was Chet Faker. Kehlani faved and so did Malia – Awesome! This week, our picks are

Dec 12 Featured: Shannon Saunders

Super thrilled to introduce y’all to my tag of the week, this week – Shannon Saunders! Shannon Saunders is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter who hails from England. Saunders rose to online fame in 2009, after videos of her covering popular songs such as Freak Ocean’s “Swim Good,” Katy Perry’s “Roar,” which was released medleyed with Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and “Royals” by Lorde, began gaining traction in the UK and beyond. As everything else in my life, Beyoncé is