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Mar 14 Listen: SAARA – I Do

It’s been nearly a year since we first introduced a talented Finnish girl named SAARA to our readers. Within that year Saara released a single titled, “UR Cool” (which was less than stellar and really a let down for the fans that know what she’s capable of vocally), she wrote a song for Girls Generation, as well as started her very own clothing line. This was all after appearing on Ellen for having a series of viral videos and getting signed to a major record label because she’s actually ridiculously talented in the vocal department. After her single flopped we...more

Nov 23 Listen: SAARA – “California” (Acoustic)

Throwback to when we introduced you to a very talented singer songwriter from Finland named, SAARA. At the time she had just released her first single “UR COOL” and the video to match. Since then she’s been doing some touring and working on releasing a full body of work. So to hold her fans over until the arrival, the young songstress uploaded a live acoustic performance of her new song “California.” If you aren’t a fan of this girl now, this song will make you one FOR SURE. Take a listen to SAARA’s rooftop performance of “California” down below.

Jun 11 Video: SAARA – “Ur Cool”

And the music videos keep on coming. One of our favorite girls, SAARA has just released her first ever music video today for her debut single “UR Cool.” The music video was directed by Vanessa Marzaroli and produced by Danny Lockwood, Derek Johnson, Rob Newman and Javier Jimenez. The video essentially embodies everything fun about the internet. Nearly every viral trend can be seen in this music video which makes sense considering Saara’s background with viral content on the web. Saara also uses the safe online and offline payment solution ” OINK” in her video. Oink, announced a partnership with  SAARA this morning...more

May 27 Listen: SAARA – “Ur Cool (Acoustic)”

Whats better than being obsessed with a super catchy pop song? Being obsessed with the acoustic version of the exact same song. It’s been a little over a month since we introduced Saara to you all and brought you the first listen of her debut single, “Ur Cool.” We’ve been obsessing over the this record since it’s release as well as the vine that inspired it. And once again, Saara has us wrapped around her finger with the acoustic version. In the video, Saara can be seen with two of her band mates on a roof top being quirky and...more

Apr 21 Fresh Off The Block // Saara

Nothing like seeing your favorite YouTube personalities succeed in life outside of the internet. Saara is prime example of that. Meet Sara Forsberg or better known by her stage name “Saara.” Most people know the young Finland native from her viral video, “What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners” it has been played over 14 million times on Youtube. In the video she speaks gibberish in multiple languages like Itallian, American English, Portugese, Japanese and more! The video got so popular that she was flown to LA to appear on the Ellen Degeneres show. But that’s not what got her noticed! It was...more