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Jun 16 Review: Ryn Weaver – “The Fool

Ryn Weaver. We would be surprised if you have not heard that name at least a thousand times over the last year. The singer-songwriter was deemed the next big thing by almost every relevant music outlet earlier this year. Since the release of the choppy synth-infused jam “Octahate” almost a year ago, Weaver became a favorite among rabid Twitter fans, or as they call themselves “stans”, music bloggers and even our favorite celebrities like Hayley Williams of Paramore, Charli XCX and Charlie Puth. The thing about Weaver is that she does a solid job at distancing herself from her peers. While...more

May 28 Ryn Weaver Debuts Acoustic Version of “Pierre”

Alternative pop songstress Ryn Weaver is considered by many one of the freshest and most promising faces in music. Among those many is Vevo, the monster video hosting service, who recently chose Weaver as their newest Vevo LIFT featured artist. Today, as part of Weaver’s LIFT series, Vevo released a never before seen acoustic version of “Pierre”, a track off Weaver’s debut album The Fool.  “Met a man named Pierre. Lied about his age but I didn’t care. Spoke in broken English but the heart was there” sings Weaver backed by a string section. The Fool will be released via...more

May 14 VIDEO: Ryn Weaver – “Octahate”

After repeatedly expressing her dislike for the original music video for her debut single “Octahate”, pop singer-songwriter Ryn Weaver unveiled a brand new, baroque-influenced music video directed by Griffin Frazen. While the first music video was a colorful rainbow-fest, Weaver’s new video matches the aesthetic she has been building up for the release of her upcoming album The Fool. It’s dark, elegant, but not serious at all. Despite having a darker feel to it, the somber tone does not overshadow Weaver’s quirky personality and the fun nature of the song. According to Weaver, the new music video for “Octahate” is a...more

May 07 VIDEO: “The Fool” – Ryn Weaver

It’s here! Up-and-coming pop starlet Ryn Weaver just released the music video for her first U.K single “The Fool”. The music video was directed by Eli Born, who has worked with artists such as Jack White, Ellie Goulding and Iggy Azalea. The song was written solely by Weaver and produced by Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos and pop mastermind Benny Blanco. The video premiered on The Fader earlier today. According to Weaver, the video was inspired by Studio Ghibli, the creators of iconic movies such as “Spirited Away” and “My Neighbor Totoro”. It makes sense. The magical portal, the mysterious character...more

Apr 09 Listen: Ryn Weaver – “The Fool”

2015’s It Girl Ryn Weaver just debuted the title track from her upcoming album The Fool on BBC Radio 1. Just like her previous releases, “The Fool” is clever and unsurprisingly infectious. The track is lead by a thumping drum and Ryn’s signature siren-like background vocals. The final minute of the song features a choppy, electronic influence that marks a bit of a departure from Weaver’s usual pop style. “Now I see technicolor, a movie scripted lover. You chase me while I play the clown” sings Weaver. If “The Fool” is any indication of what is to come, it is...more

Mar 16 Ryn Weaver Announces Debut Album, “The Fool”

This year started off pretty solid for California native, Ryn Weaver. Not only was she featured on every to-watch list, she is also slated to perform at all the major music festival this year, including Coachella. A few week back, Ryn teased on Twitter that her debut album was complete. As it turns out, she was being serious. She just revealed the album’s name and track list, all that is left is its artwork. Going off of her debut EP, “Promises” were are in for a major treat with her debut album, which by the features her 2014 smash, “Octahate.”...more