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Jun 19 Artists Of The Week (June 19 – June 26)

Here at Trendio, we pride ourselves in introuding you to new and good artists every single week. We plan on carrying on the tradition this week but before we introduce you to our brand new picks, a look back at last week’s “Artists of the Week” – Janine and the Mixtape, the singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist | Allie X, the artist with countless “RIDICULOUSLY catchy” tunes | r.e.l., the yet-to-be-signed indie-pop goddess, and last but not the least | Isa, the up-and-coming dancing diva with vocals to match. We do hope you discovered and fell in love with all four...more

Jun 19 Featured: ROTHWELL

Have you ever heard a voice so perfect that it literally made the little hairs on your arms stand up? If not this is your chance to have that experience. Meet Ella Rothwell, better known by her stage name “ROTHWELL.” Rothwell is singer songwriter hailing from Bristol with musical capabilities that are pretty much indescribable. She categorizes her sound as “acoustic pop” but it’s so much deeper than that. In her most recent release, “Mouthful Of Words” it’s so completely obvious how much soul and talent this girl has. And we’re not the only ones to notice. She’s been on...more