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Jun 12 Featured: r.e.l

We often find ourselves too immersed in the mainstream that we tend to overlook those who are doing an effort to differentiate themselves from the rest and are actually succeeding at it. Among those unique musicians is 19-year old Arielle Sitrick, best known as R.e.l, from Los Angeles, CA. I bumped into r.e.l’s “Plateau” thanks to my friend Jenna Million from and it was love on first listen. I was instantly drawn to the minimalist production on her tracks and R.e.l’s sophisticated hooks. R.e.l’s brand new EP started out as a dream and a girl with a Kickstarter campaign. Producer Dan Burns,...more

Jun 12 Artists Of The Week (June 12 – June 19)

Every week, Trendio brings you a fresh collection of artists to discover and most importantly, fall in love with. Once an artist is featured, we keep up with their progress in the industry; sharing their latest releases, from audio to music videos. The week ending June 12, we introduced you to Syd Youth, Fickle Friends (cool name huh?), Gavin James, and four-piece, The Fooo Conspiracy. Syd Youth and Fickle Friends acknowledged their features on Twitter, retweeting and favoriting our tweets, respectively.