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Sep 27 Listen: The Chainsmokers – “All We Know” (feat. Phoebe Ryan)

While they continue to dominate the charts and radio in the United States and beyond, American duo The Chainsmokers have released a brand new single. Going off their latest three releases, it should come as no surprise that this song features a pretty fantastic female artist, this time being Phoebe Ryan. If you’re wondering why they have all these hits and still no album released, the duo – comprised of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pal – took their official twitter to let fans know, compiling an album is a lot different from releasing single. Adds Chainsmokers: “We always say we...more

May 20 Listen: Phoebe Ryan – “Boyz n Poizn”

Fresh off the heels of announcing a string of dates for her first-ever headlining tour, pop starlet Phoebe Ryan returns with “Boyz n Poizn,” the title that inspired the tour. Boyz n Poizn, which premiered over at EW, is essentially a brilliant offering, that sidelines a slow-burning approach to pop music. Expected to appear on her forthcoming studio album alongside last month’s “Chronic,” the track, according to Ryan, takes you back to being in high school, getting your first licence and making sure the whole world knows it. Listen below!

Mar 04 Listen: Phoebe Ryan – “Chronic”

American up-and-coming pop star Phoebe Ryan is back with a catchy new single titled ‘Chronic’ and it’s so catchy you won’t want to listen to anything else today. Ryan’s soft-spoken vocals bounce over the classic pop production like a perfect fit. “Chronic” is the first taste of her upcoming debut LP, which is expected to be released later this year. “Oh, it’s so wonderful. Kisses tasting like chronic. Give me some cause I want it like all the time” Ryan sings on the chorus. Phoebe Ryan is currently on tour with “See You Again” singer Charlie Puth. Check out her...more

Jun 08 Stream Phoebe Ryan’s debut EP, “Mine”

Phoebe Ryan is that remarkable artist that sings the brilliant R.Kelly / Miguel “Ignition / Do You…” mashup. Phoebe Ryan is also that remarkable artist that was once featured on Trendio as an ‘Artist of the Week.’ At midnight, following the massive success of her debut single Mine, the Texas-born artist releases her highly-awaited debut EP, “Mine.” A voice as enchanting as hers, it is no surprise that she is already signed — to Columbia Records, home of Beyoncé, Solange, One Direction, and many other incredible artists. “Mine” is a 5-song EP and it comes preceded by the aforementioned song...more

Apr 03 Featured: Phoebe Ryan

The other day, after randomly stumbling upon Spotify’s “Viral 50,” I discovered Phoebe Ryan. She was someone I had never heard off, yet she was atop the Top 50 – thanks to a mashup she did of R Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” and Miguel’s “Do You.” As of the time of writing, the mashup has over 3 million listen on Spotify. Did a bit of research and I can finally introduce you to Phoebe, properly. Ready? Meet Phoebe Ryan. A 24-year-old singer-songwriter, currently based in Los Angeles, California. For a couple of years, while waiting for her career to take off,...more

Apr 03 Crème De La Crème (April 3 – April 10)

The week beginning March 27, we had such an awesome selection of “Artists Of The Week.” Did you get to discover all four acts? They were Francesco Yates, Tink, LANY, and GRACE. “Multi-threat” was Haley’s way of summarizing Tink. “The enigmatic band” was Jesus’ way of summarizing LANY. “Perfect mix of pop & soul” was Reneé’s summary of GRACE. Last but not the least was Francesco Yates, “[whose] voice and charisma will amaze you.” Meet our fresh new Artists Of The Week: Phoebe Ryan, The Griswolds, Forest Blakk and Jody Brock. Phoebe Ryan was chosen by Haley, while Forest Blakk...more