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May 22 Featured: Nikki Yanofsky

Canadian jazz-pop singer-songwriter Nikki Yanofsky is my pick for ‘Artist Of The Week.’ There is only one reason why a once-in-a-while genre-snob like me would check out a jazz singer — the reason is TALENT, a lot of it! Born in 1994, Nikki Yanofsky is a Montreal-based singer/songwriter whose voice and music-making style skyrocketed her to stardom at a tender age of 15. Prior to her well-deserved acclaimed, at the age of 12, Yanofsky became the youngest artist to ever headline her own show at the Montreal Jazz Festival, “selling out numerous times and performing for crowds of over 100,000.”...more

May 21 Artists Of The Week (May 22 – May 29)

Quick question – How many new artists do you discover and fall in love with every week? Hopefully, by now, the answer will be > 10, four of which are Trendio’s ‘Artists Of The Week.’ Last week we had the pleasure of introducing you to four talented artists. Now that you know them and love them, it is time we say ciao to Trail and Ways (chosen by Jesus), Alo Lee (chosen by Reneé), Echosmith (Haley‘s pick) and Great Peacock (Sarah‘s Choice). Goodbyes are always sad but this one shouldn’t be as we will be introducing you to even more artists...more