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Dec 10 Year In Review: 25 Best Songs of 2015

Of all the lists we have had to compile, this, by far, was the toughest. Why? Narrowing the best tracks that were released in 2015 is like finding a needle in a haystack, the haystack being all of the great songs that were released this year. The saying “‘Tis the season” was applicable to the better part of this year as every single day, there was a brand new gift – in the form of music – to be unraveled. To make things less difficult (well, sorta), each Trendio editor was asked to pick five of their favorite songs born...more

Sep 17 Listen: Naughty Boy – “Runnin’ (Lose It All)” (feat. Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin)

With the diversity of the artists involved, it’s safe to say no one was expecting this song to ever happen. Ever. With that being said, the power of art and its ability to bring artists together is something that should never be estimated. Following days of lyric teases, English DJ/songwriter Naughty Boy not only confirmed the rumors of his collaboration with Beyoncé, he announced the song title (officially) along with another collaborator on the record, Arrow Benjamin. The announcement came along with the single’s artwork as well as a sneaky teaser, which sent The Beyhive aka fans of Beyoncé into...more

Mar 30 Listen: Zayn Malik – “I Won’t Mind” (Demo)

Well, that was quick. Months before Zayn Malik departed from One Direction, English DJ and producer Naughty Boy had been constantly teasing his collaborations with the 22-year old singer. After provoking Malik’s fans by retweeting a video created on Ditty with a robotic voice singing  “Naughty Boy saved my life. Zaughty (Zayn and Naughty) will rise” to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the producer unveiled “I Won’t Mind”, a demo he produced for Malik. The demo is a departure from Naughty Boy’s usual dance pop. With a slow guitar tune in the background, Malik emotionally sings lines such as “You know...more