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Sep 23 Watch: Melanie Martinez – “Mad Hatter”

Melanie Martinez waves goodbye to the Cry Baby era in her new video for the album’s closing track “Mad Hatter” The “Pity Party” singer made it her mission to create a visual for every track on her now platinum certified debut album and after nine months in the making, the self-directed and written final act is here. In “Mad Hatter”, Melanie is naively coerced by black-eyed humanoids into drinking a pink liquid that momentarily takes her into another world, where she is constantly being rescued by creepy yet cute stuffed animals. Martinez took to Instagram to announce the release of...more

Aug 23 Watch: Melanie Martinez – “Tag, You’re It/Milk And Cookies”

Atlantic Records’ Melanie Martinez is still building on the ambitious universe she created for her debut, themed album Cry Baby. In her new double feature for “Tag, You’re It” and “Milk and Cookies”, Melanie’s character, Cry Baby, is seen shopping for groceries and walking home, until she runs into an ice cream truck, ran by a creepy wolf who has had his eyes on her for a bit. ICYMI, Melanie will be going on the last leg of her Cry Baby Tour this fall. Check out her website at for more information on tickets and shows. Watch the two-part...more

Jun 02 Video: Melanie Martinez – “Alphabet Boy”

Melanie Martinez’ mission of bringing every song from her debut album, Crybaby, to life lives on with the release of her latest visual for “Alphabet Boy”. The minimal and pastel-themed music video directed by Martinez herself, follows them singer-songwriter’s story with an emotionally abusive boyfriend who keeps putting her down. Throughout the video, Martinez is seen burning his diploma, rejecting his apologies and basically, being done with his bullshit. The music video also features the lyrics of the song in a fun, interactive karaoke style. Watch “Alphabet Boy” below.  

Dec 23 Listen: Melanie Martinez – “Gingerbread Man”

‘Tis the season to be grateful and here at Trendio, we are incredibly grateful for Melanie Martinez. On Christmas’ Eve Eve, the 20-year-old musician released a standalone single titled “Gingerbread Man” as an early present for her fans. The track is sonically cohesive with Martinez’s delightfully insane debut album Cry Baby and it is just the right amount of creepy and charming. “I love playing these games until my heart bleeds. It bleeds jelly” sings Martinez during the second verse of the song. Listen to “Gingerbread Man” below! I’m frosting I don’t need a man to make my life sweet Prince charming...more

Nov 18 Video: Melanie Martinez – Soap / Training Wheels

Since before the release of her stellar debut album Cry Baby, Melanie Martinez stated that she would make a music video for every single song off of her debut. Today, the 20-year old singer/songwriter released not one but two music videos for current single “Soap” and fan-favorite “Training Wheels”. In the music video for Soap, Martinez’s character Cry Baby is seen calling her love interest, Johnny, over the phone. During the video, the boy is taking a bath in a dim-lighted bathroom while Martinez’s original, low-budget video for “Soap” is being projected on a vintage TV. In “Training Wheels”, Cry...more

Aug 22 Review: Melanie Martinez’s Twisted Fantasy Becomes A Reality in ‘Cry Baby’

Cry Baby is The Voice’s Melanie Martinez’s debut album. After the wild ride that she had with her Carousel EP, whose title track was chosen as the main theme for the popular horror series American Horror Story: Freakshow, Martinez is back with a chest full of new shiny toys to share. The album’s title might initially strike you as infantile and that’s exactly what the 20-year-old musician wants — there’s a catch though. Childish is not often used to describe something that is particularly good or at all enjoyable, but it is when paired with Martinez’s quirky and twisted story telling. Cry...more

Jul 30 Video: Melanie Martinez – “Sippy Cup”

We are anxiously counting down the days until Melanie Martinez’s debut album Cry Baby is officially released. Until then, we are living off the already released tracks. Thankfully, the third promotional single off of the album, “Sippy Cup”, was released today along with its music video. The music video for “Sippy Cup” is the continuation to 2014’s “Dollhouse”. During a Tumblr Q&A, Martinez confirmed that the music video would be the sequel when a fan asked her “What’s going down in the kitchen?”, a lyric from her debut single “Dollhouse”, to which Martinez replied “You’ll see this friday”. The sequel...more