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Mar 07 Featured: Medina

This week, my Artist of the Week comes from the small but mighty land of Denmark (aka the land of Aqua and Christopher), and Medina may be the country’s biggest musical prospect yet. This talented and beautiful is extremely popular within her country and Europe, and her unique vocal stylings and musicality have been delighting listeners for years. Meet Medina. In 2009, Medina broke through into the Danish music scene with her single “Kun for mig”. Since then, she has just released her sixth overall album and her third full-length english album. Throughout the years, she has continued to push...more

Mar 07 ☆ Artists of the Week ☆ #AOTW (March 7 – March. 14)

Here at Trendio we like to introduce you up-and-coming artists first. Since launching in 2014, we’ve brought the likes of Scott Helman, Tink, Jess Glynne, Daya, Isac Elliot, Years & Years, Jon Bellion, Devon Baldwin, and many more. The week beginning Feb. 29, we introduced you to Los Angeles-based musician Stephen, Sweden’s very own Oscar Zia, multi-talented Corinne Bailey Rae, and the rather stellar, rather gorgeous Augustana. This week, our picks for ones to watch are: Raw and authentic singer-songwriter BANNERS, Denmark’s musical prospect (yet) Medina, multi instrumentalist JMSN, and k-pop group EXO.