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Apr 11 VIDEO: Maliibu n Helene – “Figure 8”

Our favorite duo is back with a brand new music video. Nearly two months after the release of their first single since changing their name from “XO” to “Maliibu n Helene,” Maliibu and Helene of “Maliibu n Helene” unveil the visuals for “Figure 8.” The music video, which spans about three minutes, premiered exclusively on Vessel, on April 10. It does a pretty fantastic job at showcasing the fun personalities of both ladies. Between this video and the one released for “Starin’ At It,” you literally have no excuse, you should be a full-on Maliibu n Helene STAN by now.

Feb 10 Listen: Maliibu N Helene – “Figure 8”

YES! As we mentioned in the post we featured them in, one of our picks for “Artists of the Week,” Maliibu N Helene, have a new single out today. As expected, Maliibu N Helene continue their release of solid material with the single, titled “Figure 8” and produced by Dj Mustard. Like its predecessor Starin’ At It, “Figure 8” is an infectious upbeat track, which is extremely chart and radio friendly. “Shake That Figure 8 / Move Slow / Drop Low / Shake That Ass Like An Earthquake / Shake That Figure 8 / So Fast, Make It Clap /...more

Feb 06 Featured: Maliibu n Helene

Not very often do we come across musical duos that actually work. That is not the case for Maliibu n Helene. Up until a few days ago, Maliibu n Helene were referred to as simply “XO,” we are however thinking (and glad) they went with something more original since “XO” is quite out there. Anyhow, a rapper and a talented singer/dancer make up Maliibu n Helene. As described in their official bio: Helene Britany, 19, is a bubbly singer and dancer, an ex-cheerleader with curly hair cascading over her shoulders like a “Vision of Love”-era Mariah Carey. Maliibu Miitch, 23, is a streetwise rapper...more

Feb 06 Artists Of The Week: (Feb. 6 – Feb. 13)

New week, new discoveries. It is that time of the week when we introduce you to new artists you need to check out and say goodbye to the ones we hope you checked out. The week ending Feb. 5, Haley’s pick for ‘Artist Of The Week’ was breakout U.K. artist, Ella Henderson. She raved about Ella’s debut album, Chapter One, stating it had no “half-ass songs.” Katy Perry’s superbowl performance was the most-watched in history, making her a perfect selection by Sarah.