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Jan 28 Listen: Maggie Lindemann – “Things”

It’s looking like Maggie Lindemann is taking this music thing seriously. Following the release of Couple of Kids, the internet-star-turned-potential-pop-star unveils brand new single, Things. Lindemann takes a slight twist on her dark and downtempo previous approaches, with newly-released mid-tempo, Things. As told to Teen Vogue, the track takes on the not-so-little things that make a “relationship special,” so special the person leaves your pulse racing each and every time.

Oct 29 Listen: Maggie Lindemann – “Couple of Kids”

For the couple of kids who are internet famous, doing the same old things gets boring really fast. History has shown that the next best thing to posting videos every day is making music, especially since even people with the simplest vocals can make it work, somehow. That is not the case with 16-year-old Maggie Lindemann. Quite frankly, the internet popularity is just an added bonus as she just happens to have an extremely incredible voice. Following the release of her debut single Knocking on Your Heart, Lindemann unveils brand new single, Couple of Kids. As you can tell, she’s...more