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Dec 17 Listen: Madison Beer – “Something Sweet”

Madison Beer is still at it. Following the minimal success of All For Love, her collaboration with pop duo Jack & Jack, the 16-year-old singer-songwriter has unleashed a brand new solo track, Something Sweet. Something Sweet is yet another taste of Beer’s debut studio album, which is still yet to be titled. Picking up some trade secrets from girl pal Ariana Grande, Beer’s Something Sweet kicks off on a rather mellow note, a complete contrast from her previous releases, where her vocals are thrust f. Whether or whether not this will catch on is still in question but it is...more

Sep 17 Listen: Madison Beer – “All For Love” (feat. Jack & Jack)

It’s been a while since Madison Beer released new music. The last we heard of her, she was refusing to let go on Mako’s I Won’t Let You Walk Away. Today, following a number of Twitter teases, Madison unveils her new single All For Love, featuring YouTube sensations and American pop duo, Jack & Jack. Even though it is yet to be confirmed, “All For Love” will likely join “Melodies” and “Unbreakable” on Beer’s forthcoming debut album. Luckily the Hans Emanuel-directed music video came along with the single release. Watch it below! Official Audio Music Video

Feb 24 Listen: Mako feat. Madison Beer – “I Won’t Let You Walk Away”

Well, it is about time. It’s been almost a year since Madison Beer released some original material. Thanks to her newly-released collaboration with Mako, the Los Angeles-based electronic duo, fans get a taste of what is to come for Madison this year. The song was originally titled “Sunburst” and it was originally released vocals-less. Since the instrumentals were close to flawless, fans urged the duo to include vocals. They chose Madison Beer and the song was then re-titled, “I Won’t Let You Walk Away.” The music video has been shot and it should be released soon. In the interim, listen...more