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Nov 02 Listen: M. Maggie – “The Good”

We’ve been fans of M. Maggie since her days of collaborating with the astonishingly-brilliant producer that is Black Coast. Capitalizing on the success of her collaborations with Black Coast, Maggie ventured into releasing her own stuff, releasing three killer singles – the most recent of the three being “The Good.” The Good is a standout cut, which according to Maggie, was written as a reminder to listener to find good in the littlest things. “The Good is a love song I wrote about the sun,” she explained in DMs to Trendio. She added, “It’s to remind others that the good...more

Jul 14 Listen: M. Maggie – “Did it for U”

A good song remains a good song regardless of how many times you hear it and most importantly, who is singing it. The other day, we came across a song titled “Did it for U.” Somehow, we listened the whole song before looking into who sings it. All we knew for sure was it was a good song – scratch that, it was BRILLIANT. New York-based poet and songwriter M. Maggie sings the Lucian-produced record. From the lyrics to the arrangement, everything about the track is incredible. Listen to “Did it for U” below and when you get a chance,...more