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Jan 27 VIDEO: Leroy Sanchez & Jessica Sanchez – 1+1 (Beyoncé Cover)

Have you ever listened to a rendition of a song that literally brought tears to your eyes? Well, up until a minute ago, I hadn’t. I was on YouTube, post-catching up to all the videos I’ve missed, and I stumbled upon Leroy Sanchez (Artist of the Week alum) & Jessica Sanchez‘s cover of Beyoncé’s “1+1.” Now, as you already know, I am the biggest fan of Beyoncé, as such, finding a cover of her song that leaves me stunned is extremely rare. I have always loved Leroy Sanchez. I have always loved Jessica Sanchez. Together, both artists managed to sweep...more

Jan 09 Featured: Leroy Sanchez

While I piled up my list of my favorite female tags that should be made my tag of the week, for the second time in a row, a guy is my tag of the week. Like my previous one, Jacob Latimore, Leroy Sanchez is everything and more. A little about him: Leroy Sanchez is a singer-songwriter discovered by many on YouTube. He is originally from Vitoria, Spain but he is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Luckily for Leroy, in 2013, Grammy-Award winning songwriter + producer Jim Jonsin (“Sweet Dreams” Beyonce, “Whatever You Like” T.I.), discovered him on YouTube and...more

Jan 09 Artists Of The Week: (January 9 – January 16)

…..And we are back. Trendio’s week just began and it means, it is time to reveal our picks for ‘Artists Of The Week.’ Before we do, a look back at last week’s. With Taylor Swift’s endless winning streak, she was our choice for buzz-worthy tag, this past week. She remains on top, spending her eighth week atop the Billboard 200 chart. For the first time since we kicked off AOTW, Haley’s choice for AOTW was a guy, an incredible one, named Jacob Latimore. Jacob was honored to be featured, he tweeted us saying “Thank You” – SO cool. Sarah’s choice...more