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May 08 Featured: Laura Roy

As of this time yesterday, all we knew about Laura Roy was her name and two or three songs of hers. A little after 8pm yesterday (May 7), she took the stage to perform LIVE as part of the 2015 Canadian Music Week, a performance that spanned about 20 minutes. Blown away by her incredible vocals and stage presence, I headed home to discover more about this Nova Scotia-native, Laura Roy. She was so brilliant live, I couldn’t not introduce her to you guys! Meet Laura Roy, 23-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter, who started singing, writing and composing music at such a...more

May 08 Artists Of The Week (May 8 – May 15)

If you’re like us, going a week or two without discovering new artists should make you uncomfortable. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Last week, we introduced you to M.O, Kerri Watt, Tori Kelly, and Odessa. This week, we have a brand new set of impeccable ‘Artists Of The Week.” They are Oh Wonder (chosen by Archie), Luv’Rell (chosen by Reneé), Laura Roy (Haley’s pick) and Daniel Johns (Sarah’s Choice). We have taken time out to discover these artists, search and share information about them, enough to introduce them to you in detail. Please take time to read and...more