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Jan 15 Stream: Kyle Dion – “Painting Sounds”

Kyle Dion has kicked off 2016 with the biggest of bangs. The former Artist of the Week has just released his sophmore EP, “Painting Sounds” on three days ahead of it’s initial iTunes release. Ever since we featured this talented guy shortly after his “Sixes & Sevens” project, we’ve been dying for another body of work from him. And nearly a year later it’s finally here. “Painting Sounds” comes preceded by three singles, “Another Life, “Get You Alone”, &  “Timed Out.” It’s been a long journey of waiting for the full body of music since Kyle dropped “Another Life”...more

Dec 11 Listen: Kyle Dion – “Get You Alone”

Semi surprise releases are the best thing to wake up to these days. A few hours ago on twitter our Artist of the Week Alum, Kyle Dion announced that he would be dropping another track from his long awaited “Painting Sounds” mixtape due sometime soon. To be honest we’re still not even over his last release “Another Life.” Which has gathered up over 50,000 plays on SoundCloud in the last few months and the numbers are steadily growing bigger and bigger. But we’re not going to complain about being receiving new music today. We’ve been blessed with a new track titled, “Get...more

Aug 29 Listen: Kyle Dion – “Another Life”

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything from our one time Artist of the Week, Kyle Dion. Actually, it’s been about  three months since his last release, a song and music video combo for his track, “Moonshine.” But today he decided to shower us with gifts. Yes gifts, PLURAL. Not just one gift, but three to be more specific. He teased this announcement earlier this week on twitter. And now that the day is here, it definitely feels like Christmas in August right now and Mr. Dion is Santa. He has given us a name for his latest mixtape, the...more

May 17 Listen: Kyle Dion – Moonshine

We have been blessed with another track by our Artist Of The Week alum, Mr. Kyle Dion. Kyle announced on his twitter early yesterday that he would be releasing a new record, a tweet was soon deleted! BUMMER! Fast forward to a few hours later, hope was somewhat restored as what looked like the artwork for “Moonshine” was posted on his official Instagram. It is now May 17, and guess what? “Moonshine” is here and it is very much worth the wait. Even more interesting is the fact that Kyle didn’t just give us the song, he gave us a...more

Mar 20 Featured: Kyle Dion

I have to give credit where credit is due. And this week I’m crediting Vine for introducing me to this weeks Artist Of The Week. Yes, THAT Vine! Aside from all the flying potatoes and other ridiculous memes on there, Vine can be a great source to discover new music. That’s precisely how I learned about Kyle Dion. Kyle Dion is a 20 year old R&B singer with an amazing gift. Every single song of his is amazing. Usually when you listen to an album, you come across a song or two that are just skip-able. Not Kyle Dion though, he...more

Mar 20 Crème De La Crème: March 20 – March 27

For now on, we would like refer to our “Artists Of The Week” as Crème De La Crème, the best of the best. Last week, we had four amazing artists selected as our “Artists Of The Week.” They were Kyndall, Daye Jack, Scott Helman, and Louise Smith. A quick recap: Kyndall is a 19-year old Houston-bred, R&B songstress, with a very bright future ahead of her. She released her debut EP “Still Down” earlier this month and it received major praise from Haley! Also selected as a favorite last week was Scott Helman. “Have you ever discovered an artist that...more