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Feb 26 Listen: Kelly Clarkson – “Take You High”

It’s a new day, you know what means? New music from Kelly Clarkson! As previously reported, Kelly plans to release a piece (aka a song) from her forthcoming album, Piece By Piece, everyday till the album is released. So far, she has released the album’s lead single “Heartbeat Song,” and three countdown singles Invincible, Piece By Piece, and the last of all three, John Legend-assisted Run Run Run, which was released last night. Kelly has now released “Take You High,” the fourth track on the album, which lands March 3rd.

Feb 25 Listen: Kelly Clarkson – “Run Run Run” (feat. John Legend)

New day, new piece of Kelly Clarkson’s upcoming seventh studio album, Piece By Piece. Massive shoutout to John Legend for agreeing to collaborate with Kelly Clarkson on this pop masterpiece, “Run Run Run.” Following the release of “Invincible” and the album’s title track, “Piece By Piece,” Kelly Clarkson has just released John Legend-assisted countdown single, “Run Run Run.” If you wish to purchase “Run Run Run,” you can do so right now by pre-ordering the album “Piece By Piece,” which will be released on March 3rd. Listen to “Run Run Run” below!

Feb 24 Listen: Kelly Clarkson – “Piece By Piece”

So, it looks like Kelly Clarkson plans to drop a song from her forthcoming album, Piece By Piece, until the album lands on March 3, 2015. Yesterday, we got what many are referring to as one of Kelly’s best songs, “Invincible,” which was co-penned by GRAMMY nominee, Sia. Today (Feb. 24), Kelly Clarkson has released the album’s title track, Piece By Piece. So far, all of the songs released have been pretty incredible. You know what that means? This album is gearing up to be a slap in the face for all those people in the industry, who refused to...more

Feb 23 Listen: Kelly Clarkson – “Invincible”

Sia lends her writing skills to Kelly Clarkson, in the newly released “Invincible,” off Kelly’s upcoming album, Piece By Piece. A complete contrast from its predecessor, Heartbeat Song, “Invincible” saw its official premiere on Feb. 22. In “invincible,” Kelly who recently revealed many people in the industry refuse to work with her, sings about overcoming negativity, insecurities. “But now I am invisible / No I aint a scared little girl no more / Yeah I’m invincible / What was I running from?,” she sings. “Piece By Piece,” the new album from Kelly Clarkson is set to land in March. Listen...more

Feb 05 VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson – ‘Heartbeat Song’

“Heartbeat Song,” the first single off Kelly Clarkson’s upcoming album, “Piece By Piece,” is such a jam. Following a teaser or two, the music video for Kelly Clarkson‘s latest single ‘Heartbeat Song’ has just premiered on Vevo. The song is a sweet & upbeat number and is the lead single from Kelly’s 7th studio album ‘Piece By Piece‘ which is scheduled for release in early March. ‘Heartbeat Song’ was released globally on January 12 and has not been as successful as expected, however the video may just change that. Check it out below:

Jan 29 Album: Kelly Clarkson – “Piece By Piece”

Everyone seemed excited for Kelly Clarkson’s comeback, but for some sad reason, her comeback single, “Heartbeat Song,” hasn’t been as successful as we thought it would be. Could it be because it has been barely promoted since it’s release? Anyways, a few weeks ago, we reported that Kelly Clarkson’s seventh studio album is titled “Piece By Piece” and it is set to land in March. Kelly has now shared with her fans a line from eidth different songs, including “Heartbeat Song.” “My new album Piece by Piece is coming out in March and I wanted to give y’all a little...more

Jan 12 Kelly Clarkson Reveals New Album Title & Release Info

It’s been a busy 24 hours for Kelly Clarkson fans! Beginning with the release of her new single ‘Heartbeat Song‘ on iTunes (and Spotify which has since been removed), Kelly has revealed in an interview details of her forthcoming album. The album titled ‘Piece By Piece‘ will be released in March this year, with the exact date still to come. Kelly shared the details in an interview on the Elvis Duran show where she also premiered her new single on US radio. The album will be Kelly’s first new pop studio album since ‘Stronger’ in 2011, having released a Greatest Hits album and...more