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Jan 12 Listen: Kehlani – “Do U Dirty”

The end of the month (January 27 to be exact) will see the release of Kehlani’s highly-anticipated debut album, SweetSexySavage. Leading up to its release, Kehlani has served up a bevy of incredible tracks, all of which have exceeded the one-hand count. While tracks like “CRZY” and “Distraction” continue to garner momentum, Lani has unveiled a brand new insta-grat track titled “Do U Dirty.” Of all of the tracks she has released so far, this has to be our absolute fave simply because it is laid back but it still packs a punch. Not on your Spotify yet? Listen here!

Jan 05 Listen: Kehlani – “Undercover”

Kehlani‘s about is going to be one of 2017’s best releases not only because it is eagerly-anticipated but also because it comes amply-loaded with songs like “CRZY” & “Distraction.” Her latest release is a song produced by Charlie Heat and titled “Undercover.” Like the aforementioned singles, “Undercover” is set to appear on Kehlani‘s forthcoming debut album, SweetSexySavage, due out later this month. Available everywhere as of today, Undercover is an upbeat tune, sampling Akon‘s “Don’t Matter” as of it’s first line, “You know they don’t wanna see us together, but it don’t matter love ’cause I’ve got you.” Listen to...more

Dec 01 Listen: Kehlani – “Advice”

After months of cryptically hinting to her eagarly-anticipated debut album, a few days ago, Kehlani finally revealed the album’s titled (SWEETSEXYSAVAGE), it’s artwork, as well as it’s release date, which is January 27, 2017. To celebrate the album going up pre-orders, Kehlani (our very first ‘artist of the week’ when we launched in 2014), unveiled a brand new single entitled “Advice.” The ambitious yet stunning take on R&B was written by her whilst the production duties were handled in collaboration with world-renowned production duo, Pop and Oak. “Advice” joins “Gangsta,” “CRZY,” and “Distraction” on the aforementioned “SWEETSEXYSAVAGE.” Hear it below!

Jul 21 Listen: Kehlani – “Distraction”

After a bit of a rough start to 2016, Kehlani is back on her feet and she’s slaying like never before. Following the release of buzz single CRZY, Lani returns with quite possibly the best R&B joint she’s ever put out, a song titled “Distraction.” Distraction is the resulting product of Kehlani’s studio session with the ever-incredible Pop & Oak and it is most likely going to appear on her forthcoming debut album, which is yet to be titled. Off the fly, Distraction is reminiscent of her “FWU,” the track responsible for our love for Kehlani. It is great in...more

May 04 Listen: Kehlani – “24/7”

T.I. said it best. Unfortunately, these celebrities, their lives, our entertainment. Kehlani has had quite the year, mostly in reference to all of the “shenanigans” that went down in April. There is literally no reason to rehash any of it, as it is all in the past and Lani’s back, better and stronger than before. Today, after a few weeks of being incognito, Lani returns with “24/7,” a beautiful ballad produced by Toronto’s DZL. With the aforementioned drama, you should be able to guess what the song’s about. If you can’t, here’s a little bit about it: Lani sings about...more

Dec 17 Listen: Kehlani – “Did I”

Kehlani’s on fire. Fresh off the heels of her sold-out European tour, the Oakland-native has released a brand new single, entitled “Did I.” Did I comes preceded by last week’s “Tore Up,” and it is likely to appear on her forthcoming and eagerly-anticipated debut album. Unlike her other songs, this track is produced by heavy hitters in the industry, Pop and Oak. Notwithstanding, it does not shy anyway from the material we all expect from Lani, laid back but infused with jam-friendly melodies.

Sep 28 “Hotline Bling” Smackdown

This post is a first of its kind. As people who are extremely into up-and-coming artists, we have stumbled upon way too many covers of Drake’s single “Hotline Bling,” we couldn’t …. well, we just had to share them with you. Every day, there’s a new cover of Hotline Bling and the best part? THEY ARE ALL SO GREAT. We have been trying to determine the best rendition but we’re failed every single time. So, we’re turning YOU into the judge of this smackdown. Listen to our favorite covers of “Hotline Bling” and vote whichever one’s your favorite. Ready? First...more