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Sep 26 Jon Bellion Brings The Human Condition Tour to Austin, TX

The “All Time Low” singer and producer brought his high energy The Human Condition Part III to Austin, TX on September 21st, 2017 with support from frequent collaborator and recent Universal signee, Travis Mendes. Throughout the night, Bellion proved to be a firecracker on stage, reinventing his creations for a kinetic live show. The energy kept escalating as Bellion performed an eclectic setlist consisting on tracks from The Definition and his newest album The Human Condition. Despite its highly animated nature, Bellion’s performance was not devoid of emotional moments, with the highlights being 2014’s “Human” and the complex “Hand of...more

Jun 10 Jon Bellion Shows Deep Self-Awareness in Debut Album “The Human Condition”

After blowing us away with 2014’s mixtape The Definition, self-made boy wonder Jon Bellion paints an incredible epic on his debut album titled The Human Condition. This release marks Bellion’s first proper LP under a major label and comes preceded by lead single “Guillotine” and previously released singles “Woke The F*ck Up”and “All Time Low”, and instant gratification tracks “Maybe IDK” and “80’s Films.” Bellion jumpstarts the album with “He Is The Same”, a glitchy, hip-pop track that manages to perfectly capture the essence of Jon Bellion as an artist, which might be the entire purpose of the track. Both thematically and sonically, “He...more

Jun 03 Listen: Jon Bellion – “Maybe IDK”

Jon Bellion continues his flow of impeccable output, this time unveiling Maybe IDK, the latest instant grat track from his upcoming debut album, The Human Condition, due out June 10th (OMG!) Maybe IDK comes preceded by the album’s first release Guillotine and last month’s 80s Films. The authenticity Jon made a name for himself out of shines bright in Maybe IDK, right from the jump. The track kicks off with vibrant guitar riffs backed by thumping clap-like melodies. In true Jon Bellion style, the track is so beautifully written/produced that you’ll want to savour every last lyric. Hear “MAYBE IDK”...more

May 27 Listen: Jon Bellion – “80’s Films”

What album are we looking forward to the most this year? Jon Bellion‘s. What artist are you most excited to see succeed this year? Jon Bellion. What…Jon Bellion, the answer is always Jon Bellion. Following the release of Travis Mendes-assisted Guillotine, the first release off Bellion‘s forthcoming, eagerly-anticipated debut album The Human Condition, he has unveiled “80’s Films,” an incredibly smooth offering that embodies the sound of a phenomenal artist. Seeing as this is Jon, everything about the song is A+. From the minimal production to its laid-back lyrics, Jon certainly came through. Listen below!

Apr 22 Listen: Jon Bellion – “Guillotine (feat. Travis Mendes)”

And… it’s finally here. Trendio’s favorite mastermind Jon Bellion is back with a banging new single titled “Guillotine”, featuring newcomer Travis Mendes. The track is infused with Bellion’s signature R&B/Hip-Pop style merged with slick guitar lines and silky, thumping bass lines. As always, the New York based artist kept things fresh and innovative, mixing a radio-friendly pop structure with inventive breakdowns and a choir-like breakdown for what represents his first official major label release. “Guillotine” is the first single from Bellion’s upcoming album The Human Condition, slated to be released this June. Listen to “Guillotine” below.

Dec 09 Year In Review: Artists Of The Year (2015)

It is ridiculous how fast this year has gone. It feels like just yesterday we were counting down the seconds till 2015, and here we are, 3232 days after, prepping for a brand new year. This year, we were lucky enough to have discovered quite the number of talented artists, all of whom reside in different parts of the world. Through our ‘Artist of the Week‘ feature, we managed to introduce our readers to over 200 undeniable talents – pretty impressive, huh? Looking back, there were some artists who truly made this year memorable, be it the music they released...more

Jun 11 Cover vs. Original – “The Motto”

“I prefer this cover to the original,” reads 89.9% comments on YouTube artists, especially under videos of (un)known YouTube covering songs in vogue. Have you ever heard a cover version of a song that…well, sounds better than the original? We sure have. That is how the idea of “Cover vs. Original” was born. Here’s how it will work – We find a cover version of a song that we really really like, then, we have you vote that cover versus the original. Believe it or not, that is a very very hard task, especially if you’re a fan of the...more