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Sep 23 Listen: Jojo – “FAB.” (feat. Remy Ma)

Jojo is seriously not playing around this era. When she said she was coming back, she meant BIDNESS! Following the release of the title track of her forthcoming album, Mad Love, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter has unveiled a brand new tune. The track, which features American Rapper Remy Ma, is titled FAB., the complete of what the song is actually about – “Fake Ass Bitches.” While Mad Love was R&B-leaning, FAB. in its carefree approach, could pass for a pop record. The fantastically-produced soon-to-be anthem delivers a thumping dancey number with incredible staying power from the jump. Get your life:

Sep 15 Listen: Jojo – “Mad Love”

By default, Jojo‘s forthcoming studio album “Mad Love” is this year’s and last year’s and even the year before that, most anticipated album – with good reason. After what seemed like an un-ending battle with her then record label, freedom was Jojo’s and her star began shining brighter than ever. In October, the aforementioned full-length album (heavy-loaded with 11 standard tracks + 4 deluxe ones) will see an official release, lead by the Wiz Khalifa-guested track F**k Apologies and we couldn’t be more excited.

Jul 28 Album: Jojo – “Mad Love”

We come baring good news. Probably the best news you’d hear all week. Are you ready? JOJO IS RELEASING AN ALBUM. ONE MORE TIME BECAUSE OMG. JOJO IS RELEASING A DARN ALBUM. This really exciting news came in a rather interesting fashion. And by interesting, we mean Jojo tweeted: “My ex is married and having a baby. I’m over here married to MUSIC and pregnant with this ALBUM.” The album, titled Mad Love, is scheduled to be released October 14, 2016 via Atlantic Records. The album comes after Jojo’s 3-track EP, but more recently, it comes lead by Jojo‘s brand...more

Apr 01 Listen: Skizzy Marz – “Recognize” (feat. Jojo)

Jojo‘s comeback was one of the most anticipated in recent years – with good reason. Returning with a bang, the songstress dropped a solid three-song project, shortly-titled “III.” While she readies her highly-anticipated studio album, she hopped on Skizzy Marz‘s latest release, a song titled “Recognize.” That’s right. Y’all better Recognize the sleek-ass, chaotic, dance-pop jam. It starts off with Jojo’s vocals sending chills through your spin, then it turns into an absolute SMASH. Collaboration of the month? I think YES!

Dec 02 Watch: Jojo performs ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’

Now that Jojo‘s comeback is in full swing, the songstress made her first late night TV appearance in years, appearing and performing on tonight’s edition of ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.’ As expected, she performed When Love Hurts, one of the songs on III (pronounced Tringle and meaning three singles released at once), released shortly after her return to the industry was announced. If you remember Jojo at her prime (the “Leave, Get Out” days), you’d be happy to know she has literally not missed a single beat, both vocally and charisma-wise. Watch her performance below!

Aug 20 Stream Jojo’s “III” (Three Singles)

As of the time you hit the sheets last night, one of the three highly-anticipated Jojo singles hit the web. The song, titled Say Love hears production credits from The Family, in other words, Jojo went for some heavy hitters. Most likely because of the leak, Jojo has now released the two other singles a day ahead of the scheduled release. When Love Hurts (produced by Harmony Samuels) and Save My Soul (produced by Benny Blanco & Jason Evigan), as they are titled, follow in the steps of “Say Love,” in the sense that everything is subtle but flawless. Surprisingly,...more

Aug 20 Listen: Jojo – “Say Love”

After what seemed like an un-ending battle with her previous label (Blackground Records), Jojo was set free early last year. Following her release, the singer-songwriter, known for her hit records Leave (Get Out) and Too Little Too Late, joined Atlantic Records, the home of Ed Sheeran, Birdy, and more amazing artists. In the past week, Jojo has been featured on pretty much every music blog you can think of. The reason being Jojo announced her highly-anticipated comeback, revealing she’d be releasing tringle aka three singles, on August 21st. The songbird never confirmed the title of the songs being released but...more