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Apr 10 Artists Of The Week (April 10 – April 17)

There is nothing as exciting as discovering a new artist you fall in love with in a matter of minutes. Last week, we introduced you to four incredible artists, Jody Brock, Forest Blakk, The Griswolds, and Phoebe Ryan. All noteworthy acts in their own way. Phoebe Ryan, Jody Brock, and Forest Blakk acknowledged our features with Phoebe favoriting the tweet mentioning her, Jody Brock retweeting and thank us, and Forest Blakk, referring to us as “absolute legends.” In summary, the week ending April 10 was pretty bomb. We are in such a good mood, we figured we might as well...more

Apr 10 Featured: Joelle

The last time I watched a music-related reality tv show was in 2008, after David Archuleta lost American Idol, a loss I am yet to recover from. With that said, some good artists have come out of such competition. Artists like Joelle, my pick for Artist Of The Week. I stumbled upon Joelle when I was doing some research on a previous Artist Of The Week, “Fatai,” who was a contestant The Voice in Australia. Now I’m well aware that the Voice & X Factor are two completely different shows but that doesn’t stop Youtube from suggesting them for my viewing pleasure....more