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Feb 13 Featured: Jacquie Lee

This week, I have chosen Jacquie Lee as my “Artist Of The Week.” I was lucky enough to catch a live stream of Jacquie Lee performing during MTV’s “Artist To Watch” showcase, which was held last week in New York City. First thing that stood out to me was her vocal strength. I remember wondering how someone so young could hold a note so strong. As it turns out, Jacquie Lee, 17, was one of the contestants on the 5th season of NBC’s “The Voice,” which aired in 2013. She made it all the way to the finale but was...more

Feb 13 Artists Of The Week (Feb. 13 – Feb. 20)

This past week was hands down the most successful in Trendio’s “Artists Of The Week” history. For those of you who don’t remember, Maliibu and Helene, Bonavox, Kyle Lionhart, and Daniela Andrade were our picks. All week long, we kept up with our artists of the week on Twitter, they (minus Daniela Andrade) not only shared our tweets, they (minus Daniela Andrade) took time out to thank us for featuring them. We are thrilled to introduce you to four new acts we will love you to #GetFamiliar with ASAP. They are Macy Maloy, Jacquie Lee, Jarryd James, and The Kite...more