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Jun 17 Listen: Grace – “Hope You Understand”

This is the year that just keeps on giving! GRACE, our one time ‘Artist of the Week’ has just announced her debut album. The album, which she has chosen to name “FMA” is set to land on July 1st, with her hit single “You Don’t Own Me,” taking the lead. To Grace, FMA stands for “being yourself & being completely unapologetic about it!” The full length project comes fully-charged with 14 songs, two of which have features, and fans who pre-ordered the album as of today were given previously-released tracks like “Hell Of A Girl” and “Feel Your Love.” The...more

May 13 Listen: “Grace” – “Hell Of A Girl”

It’s been a hot minute since we heard new material from one of Australia’s most talented soul, Grace. With her single “You Don’t Own Me” feat. G-eazy prospering at radio, new music was teased but a release date was never put forth until a few days ago, leading up to today, when an actual single arrived. The new single, entitled “Hell Of A Girl” was very much worth the wait. The Motown-sounding smash hit speaks on behalf of karma, coming back around to bite the ass of the guy who messed with a good thing, a “Hell Of A Girl.”...more

Dec 09 Year In Review: Artists Of The Year (2015)

It is ridiculous how fast this year has gone. It feels like just yesterday we were counting down the seconds till 2015, and here we are, 3232 days after, prepping for a brand new year. This year, we were lucky enough to have discovered quite the number of talented artists, all of whom reside in different parts of the world. Through our ‘Artist of the Week‘ feature, we managed to introduce our readers to over 200 undeniable talents – pretty impressive, huh? Looking back, there were some artists who truly made this year memorable, be it the music they released...more

Oct 13 VIDEO: Grace – “Boyfriend Jeans”

If asked to pick one artist to listen to for the rest of my life, Grace will probably be my pick. Even though I discovered her over 100 days ago on Trendio, I still marvel at the Australia-born singer-songwriter. Today, via Teen Vogue, Grace debuted the music video for her next single, “Boyfriend Jeans.” For those of you who don’t know, “Boyfriend Jeans” started off as voice recording on Grace’s iPhone at the time. That “scratchy” recording ended up being shipped to different labels, all of whom interested in signing Grace because why not? Post securing a record deal, Grace...more

Jun 01 VIDEO: GRACE – “You Don’t Own Me” (feat. G-Eazy)

If you’re yet to get into GRACE, you’re missing out – big time. Following the release of her debut EP “Memo” last week, GRACE has released the music video for her highly-praised debut single, “You Don’t Own Me.” The title of the song “You Don’t Own Me” probably songs familiar, eh? Well, it is the modern day version of Lesley Gore’s 1963 song with the same title. GRACE’s version features American rapper G-Eazy and it just as splendid as the original. The Taylor Cohen-directed music video premiered on VEVO today, June 1st. Enjoy the music video below!

May 26 Review: GRACE – “Memo – EP”

Listening to a brand new song is much like unveiling a gift – you don’t always know what to expect. In this case, we DID know what to expect from GRACE, after all, she was once our pick for ‘Artist Of The Week.’ Fresh off the storming success of her debut single, a revamped version of a Lesley Gore’s classic, “You Don’t Own Me” featuring Bay Area rapper G-Eazy, the Australian native has dropped a breathtaking 5-song EP, simply tiled “Memo.” Right before the EP landed, the vocal bombshell dropped a track on us which so happened to be the...more

May 18 Listen: GRACE – “Memo (Boyfriend Jeans)”

Our AOTW alum GRACE is making waves in her hometown Australia and beyond. Her G-Eazy-assisted debut single, a re-worked version of a Lesley Gore’s classic, “You Don’t Own Me,” has been No. 1 on iTunes Australia for a minute — that is in addition to trending on Spotify US. Hot on the heels of the success of “You Don’t Own Me,” GRACE has released a brand new record, entitled “Memo (Boyfriend Jeans).” “Memo (Boyfriend Jeans)” premiered exclusively on EW on May 18, few days ahead of the release of GRACE’s debut EP. Speaking of her EP, it is titled after...more