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Sep 19 Watch: GOT7 Release Trailer for “Flight Log: Turbulence”

GOT7 just released the album trailer for their upcoming comeback “Flight Log: Turbulence”. The video was released yesterday via GOT7’s Naver V LIVE channel, where it’s already accumulated over 400,000 views. A word of caution: if you thought their trailer for “Flight Log: Departure” was painful, you may want to avert your eyes on this one. Or at least grab some tissues before you press play. Playing on their past flight theme, the video takes place on a plane, where all of the members besides Jinyoung are being their usual crazy selves and doing silly things like jumping and drawing...more

Sep 15 News: GOT7 Announces Schedule for “Flight Log: Turbulence”

Fasten your seat belts IGOT7, because this flight’s about to get bumpy. GOT7 have just announced their schedule for their exciting new comeback “Flight Log: Turbulence”. GOT7 dropped their upcoming schedule via Twitter today, shocking fans across the globe. Continuing the “Flight Log” concept of their last album, “Flight Log: Turbulence” is slated for release on September 27th, but it looks like fans will receive a few presents prior. The album track list will be available on Saturday with an album preview the day after. From then on, it’s a mad rush to the finish line, with photos of the...more

Jul 27 Review: GOT7 Soars at FLYinLA

“What’s the line for?” Is the most commonly heard question on Tuesday night. It’s a reasonable question to ask; the line from the entrance of The Novo (formerly Club Nokia) wraps around the block twice over with girls and boys of all ages holding light up signs, bags with boys faces on them, posters and letters. But the answer is vastly different than what they were expecting: no, the line isn’t for One Direction, not for Justin Bieber – artists known for their dedicated fan bases – the line is for GOT7, a k-pop group from Seoul, South Korea that...more

Apr 13 Watch: GOT7 – “Home Run”

GOT7 are the gift that just keeps on giving. Yesterday, the seven-piece band released the last track on their mini-album, Flight Log: Departure. The song is called “Home Run”, and much like in baseball, GOT7 keep scoring with their irresistibly catchy singles. Featuring a peppy synthesizer beat and cute baseball terminology-infused lyrics, “Home Run” is the perfect summer song for listening to while lazing around in the sun or driving around to. The last bit of the chorus — ‘I feel so fly’ — will play in your head for hours after the first listen. In addition to releasing the...more

Mar 20 Watch: Got7 – “Fly”

The wait is over, Aghase! Flight Log: Departure is here and the music video for their comeback single,”Fly”, is out now! So naturally, we’re freaking out. Hard. If the “Fly” teaser gave you heart palpitations before — or if Junior is your bias — definitely grab a couple tissues before you press play. Well, if any of them are your bias, you should grab tissues. Just grab all the tissues. This video is an emotional roller coaster of great choreography, rapping, high notes and inevitable tears. Fasten your seat belts and prepare for departure, because GOT7’s comeback is one you’re...more

Mar 17 Watch: GOT7 Tease New Song “Fly”

This is GOT7’s world and we’re all just living in it. This month has been explosive for the k-pop group as they approach the release of their mini-album, Flight Log: Departure, which is set to be released March 21st. From a trailer to photos to an album user guide so you can figure out which version of the album you want (Serenity or Rose Quartz), GOT7 are taking all the steps to make sure you’re prepared for their comeback. Now, if only my heart could take it! Now the band has dropped a teaser for their comeback single “Fly”. The...more

Mar 04 Tour: GOT7 Announce Dates of Global “FLY” Tour

Time for a break say whaaat? After finishing their tour of Japan just a few days ago, GOT7 showed they had no plans for slowing down when they released the title and schedule for their next comeback, Flight Log: Departure. After that, we got the titles of the eight tracks on the mini-album and today GOT7 released the dates of a few stops on their worldwide “Fly” Tour, including Korea, USA, China, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. The tour dates announced are only the first ones and could include more. They are as follows: 29/4/16 –  Seoul, South Korea 08/5/16 –...more