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Oct 13 Watch: GLADES – “Drive”

Australian trio GLADES, composed of Karina Wykes, Cam Robertson and Joey Wenceslao, premiered their first ever music video for their viral single “Drive” via Nylon earlier today. The music video follows the story of a long distance relationship surrounded by pink and purple shades and cloudy, dream-like imagery. The storyline is intertwined with shots of the group performing in front of colorful and moody animated backdrops that go hand in hand with the song’s calm yet lively vibe. GLADES’ debut EP titled This Is What It’s Like, preceded by singles “Drive”, “Speechless”, “Falling Away” and “Her (Loving You)”,  is due later this...more

Jan 20 Listen: Glades – “Drive”

Last week Trendio’s Artist of the Week Glades released the follow-up to their stellar debut single “Her (Loving You) today. The track titled “Drive” is an electro-pop tune that starts with a Lana Del Rey-esque slow melody and explodes into a vivid mesh of sounds when the chorus hits. Don’t sleep on them. Though “Her (Loving You” managed to put the trio on the map, “Drive” reassured us of their strengths as a solid pop group with a very bright future ahead of them. Listen to the song below!

Jan 12 ☆ Artists of the Week ☆ #AOTW (Jan. 11 – Jan. 18)

Here at Trendio we like to introduce you up-and-coming artists first. Since launching in 2014, we’ve brought the likes of Scott Helman, Tink, Jess Glynne, Daya, Isac Elliot, Years & Years, Jon Bellion, Devon Baldwin, and many more. The week ending Jan.11, we introduced you to promising pop-comer Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Graffiti6, and Danny Saucedo. This week, our picks for ones to watch are: wonderfully revitalizing Bibi Bourelly, Sydney-based band Glades, another great pop gem from Sweden Ida Lafontaine, and Gallant, the artist with a name as bold as his talent.

Jan 12 Featured: Glades

For fans of CHVRCHES, The 1975, Broods. The Sydney-based band, comprised by Karina Wykes, Joseph Wenceslao and Cameron Robertson, started getting recognition after the release of their debut single “Falling Away”. Things started looking bright after the band covered Troye Sivan’s “Fools” and managed to capture the attention of the teen idol. Their 2015 single “Her (Loving You” is pure unashamed pop with a big chorus, hyptonic synths and guitar riffs. The song was recently featured in Youtube Star Connor Franta’s Common Culture Vol. 3 compilation, which hit #1 on the iTunes Electronic Charts. Keep an eye out for their upcoming single...more