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Apr 08 VIDEO: Ginette Claudette – “All The Way Back”

Hopefully by now, you’ve had a chance to check out Ginette Claudette’s perfectly-mastered R&B EP, “All The Way Back.” The Lenny Len-directed music video for the album’s title track All The Way Back, saw an official release, following Instagram teasers, on April 8. Ginette describes the video as “edgy, smokey, moody environment that set the tone for the vibe of the song, sexy deep and dark,” according to RnBass! Not only is the EGOs-produced “All The Way Back” one of Ginette’s best songs, it is also one of her best music videos – till date. Watch below!

Apr 03 Stream: Ginette Claudette – “All The Way Back” (EP)

Following the January release of a track of hers Jump, Ginette was featured as one of our “Fresh Off The Block” artists. We, of course, kept tabs on her ever since. Two days ago, Ginette Claudette dropped an brand new EP, which she titled “All The Way Back.” The 6-song EP premiered exclusively on on RnBass. “All The Way Back” hears production credits for the likes of DJ Marley Waters, KeyzBaby, The EGOs, and more. In an interview with RnBass, Ginette revealed Sade “inspired the vibe [she] was going for.” Adds Ginette: “I wanted to go more organic with this,...more

Jan 02 Fresh Off The Block // Ginette Claudette

Just came across a really good tune, I figured I might as well share it with you guys. Meet New York City’s own, Ginette Claudette. Ginette is a remarkable singer-songwriter, many of you may already know as she released one of the best covers – till date – of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Ginette is incredible, so incredible she was signed to Motown Records, before deciding on her own to part ways. She released an EP titled “Everything’s Coming Up Rose” in 2012. In 2014, she released a follow up masterpiece, which she titled “Tainted Emotions.”