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Jan 29 Listen: Gina Kushka – “Hurtproof”

Sometime in 2015, we shared a stellar cut from a new popstress worth watching, Gina Kushka. In between then and now, Gina‘s been up to some pretty great things, at least going off of the new single she just released, Hurtproof. As the title suggests, Hurtproof is brilliantly-written piece of pop with an air of vulnerability, which hears an emotionally charged Gina Kushka sing about shielding herself from the pains of being hurt. What is most mesmerizing about the track is that it takes on pain from a strength perspective as opposed to an it-does-not-exist perspective, where each time the...more

Oct 13 Listen: Gina Kushka – “Bring It Down”

Gotdamn! Have you ever heard a song so good, you were looking for the iTunes purchase link a few seconds into listening? Moments ago, we stumbled upon Gina Kushka‘s “Bring It Down” and it probably the best song we’d hear all week, scratch that, all month. Produced by Jay Weathers, “Bring It Down” is an interesting take on a pop record. Skippy beats, intoxicating bass, Kushka presents strikingly powerful vocals atop a beautifully produced record, sourcing its inspiration from bits of electropop. It is no surprise Gina Kushka has been in the music-making business since age 5. Listen to “Bring...more