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Jun 05 Artists Of The Week (June 5 – June 12)

What time is it? Times of our lives It’s the time of the week when we replace our ‘Artists of the Week,’ with brand new ones! The week ending June 5, we introduced you to four artists: Devon Baldwin, Katy Tiz, Benjamin, and PRIDES. “thanks for the luv ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” Devon tweeted at us shortly after we shared our feature. This week, we’re extremely glad to introduce you to another set of outstanding artists: Syd Youth, Fickle Friends (cool name huh?), Gavin James, and four-piece, The Fooo Conspiracy.   Meet Syd Youth If you are not into the EDM scene, chances...more

Jun 05 Featured: Gavin James

Have you ever fallen in love with an artist and their music… until they performed live and you feel betrayed because they sound nothing like they do on their records compared to in person? Well luckily that’s not the case with my first pick in June for Artist of The Week, Gavin James. I had the pleasure of seeing Gavin perform live in San Francisco this past weekend and when I say he sounds identical to his records. I mean that in the most literal sense. This guy is the real deal. Gavin James is a 20-something year old singer-song...more