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Oct 19 ☆ Artists of the Week ☆ #AOTW (Oct. 19 – Oct. 26)

Here at Trendio we like to introduce you up-and-coming artists first. In the last couple of months, we’ve brought the likes of Scott Helman, Tink, Jess Glynne, Years & Years, Jon Bellion, Devon Baldwin, and many more. The week ending Oct 19, we introduced you to four-piece band Satin Circus, an impressive newcomer Donna Missal, Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo Secret Weapons, and sibling dark-pop duo, XYLØ. This week, our picks for ones to watch are: pop starlet Daya, impressive singer-songwriter Leo Kalyan, Sweden’s Smith and Thell, and Frankie. Daya Daya (real name Grace Tandon), my pick for the week, is a...more