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Apr 03 Featured: Forest Blakk

I’m very happy to share my pick for Artist Of the Week with you guys today.There’s just something really special about this artist and I know deep in my heart that he will be big. So without further delay, I’d like to introduce you all to Forrest Blakk. Forest Blakk aka Jesse-James Cameron is an amazing artist from Montreal Canada. I learned about Forest Blakk through twitter a few months ago, actually, he followed me first and I checked out his stuff and I’ve been in love ever since. Now typically our selections for #AOTW here at Trendio are artists who are...more

Apr 03 Crème De La Crème (April 3 – April 10)

The week beginning March 27, we had such an awesome selection of “Artists Of The Week.” Did you get to discover all four acts? They were Francesco Yates, Tink, LANY, and GRACE. “Multi-threat” was Haley’s way of summarizing Tink. “The enigmatic band” was Jesus’ way of summarizing LANY. “Perfect mix of pop & soul” was Reneé’s summary of GRACE. Last but not the least was Francesco Yates, “[whose] voice and charisma will amaze you.” Meet our fresh new Artists Of The Week: Phoebe Ryan, The Griswolds, Forest Blakk and Jody Brock. Phoebe Ryan was chosen by Haley, while Forest Blakk...more