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Nov 15 Listen: Fatai – Roll

It’s finally time to for some long awaited news. One of our very first featured #AOTW, Fatai is releasing her debut EP! The record is titled, “Undone!!” And it’s not just any EP, it’s a LIVE EP. Yes, every song on the EP was recorded and filmed live all in one take. That’s something that doesn’t happen often in the music industry, so you know we’re in for a real treat. We’ve been waiting for this talented girl to release her own music for over a year and now it’s finally here. The EP is set to be released at...more

Aug 16 Listen: Fatai – “Purple”

The wait is finally over. Flashback to the beginning of the year when we featured Fatai is an Artist of the Week. Despite not having any original music of her own out we knew this girl was going to do great things so we went ahead and featured her anyway. Because she was just THAT good. It’s been a long wait for her to release something of her very own, and that day is here. Not too long ago, she dropped her first single out of the sky titled “Purple.” When discussing the song in the sampler video, she states,...more

May 03 Watch: Fatai – “Thinking Out Loud”

Our Artist Of The Week alumni Fatai has bestowed a wonderful video upon us this week. Fatai has taken the time to recreate Ed Sheeran’s visually stunning video for his single “Thinking Out Loud,” except.. there might be a slight possibility that her is just as good… if not better? What spawned this recreation? Fatai states that she “had a yolo moment the other day and thought “lets recreate Ed Sheerans video and dance” and this is the product of that very embryo inside my brain.” Now knowing Fatai she wasn’t going to sing it the same way the original...more

Feb 25 Fatai covers “Circle Of Life”

Flashback to Trendio’s early days when we featured Fatai as one of our Artists Of The Week. Everyone was talking about how absolutely amazing her voice was and how we couldn’t wait to hear some of her own work. Well, she hasn’t released any of her own work just yet, because she’s been touring as of late. But she HAS released a new cover on her official Youtube channel! Yes, early in the morning today Fatai uploaded a brand spanking new cover of the Disney classic “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King. Now obviously being Fatai the cover...more

Jan 02 Featured: Fatai

I’ve never been so excited to share an tag with you all before now. I’d like to introduce to you, Fatai Veamatahau. Her stage name is Fatai, but she sometimes goes by Tai as well. This gorgeous Tongan song bird hails from Melbourne Australia. She got her major break as a contestant on Australia’s version of the reality singing competition program, “The Voice,” but she’s been singing professionally alongside her family since she was just teeny kid around age seven! Back to her time on “The Voice,” Fatai premiered on the show in the 6th episode during the blind auditions and became...more

Jan 02 Artists Of The Week: (January 2 – January 9)

Happy New Year! We wish you all a prosperous year. As you may have noticed, we had the same AOTW for over 2 weeks. We figured it was best to return to revealing once the holidays were over because our tags of the week are way too good to be looked over in seconds. Not to mention, our previous AOTW were pretty darn incredible, weren’t they? Nicki Minaj’s album, The Pinkprint, still has us buzzing. We’re still diving deep with the remarkable TIAAN. Jessie Ware is still as captivating as ever and Mapei still has us hoping for change. The...more