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Nov 23 ☆ Artists of the Week ☆ #AOTW (Nov. 23 – Nov. 30)

Here at Trendio we like to introduce you up-and-coming artists first. In the last couple of months, we’ve brought the likes of Scott Helman, Tink, Jess Glynne, Daya, Isac Elliot, Years & Years, Jon Bellion, Devon Baldwin, and many more. The week ending Nov. 16, we introduced you to Norwegian superstar, Adelén, indie rock four-piece from Los Angeles, Bad Suns, Australia’s Conrad Sewell, and The Cab’s frontman Alexander DeLeon aka Bohnes. This week, our picks for ones to watch are: soulful songstress Eryn Allen Kane, 26-year old musician Coleman Hell , 28 year-old Australian singer Samantha Jade and Delightfully and unabashedly...more

Nov 23 Featured: Eryn Allen Kane

Every now and then, you come across an artist that has you re-thinking songs you considered “great” in the past. When said artist opens his or her mouth to belt a note or two, chills are sent down your spine in a matter of seconds. Today, the artist in question is the lovely and talented Eryn Allen Kane. Granted, Eryn is not THAT new to Trendio’s readers as she has been featured one or two times on here. That said, we’re placing the spotlight on her this week as she just released an EP that… simply put, BLEW OUR MINDS....more