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Jun 26 Artists Of The Week (June 26 – July 3)

It’s Friday! If you are a regular Trendio visitors, you’d know that means you will be discovering four brand new artists by the time you conclude your visit today. Those who stopped by Trendio this past, got to discover Rothwell, the singer-songwriter hailing from Bristol, Molly Sandén, the 22-year old from the almighty Sweden POWERS, the duo with unique music-making abilities, and Julia Lauren, the subtle yet fabolous singer-songwriter on the verge of stardom. All of the aforementioned artists (except Molly) made reference to their features, which is pretty incredible. This week, we’re super excited to introduce you to: R&B sensation,...more

Jun 26 Featured: Elina Born

So last week I promised not to feature a Swedish artist as my next AOTW, and since I always keep my promises, this week I present to you (the gorgeous) Elina Born from the little country of Estonia (FYI it’s next to Russia, on the Baltic sea, and home to my favourite singer of all time Kerli). I first heard the name Elina Born back in 2013 when she entered her song “Enough” into the annual Estonian selection for their Eurovision entry. “Enough” was easily my favourite song of the bunch, but the Estonian public wasn’t feeling it as much...more