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Sep 29 VIDEO: Disclosure – Magnets (feat. Lorde)

In true UK fashion, a music video has followed Lorde’s eagerly-anticipated collaboration with Disclosure. The single, which followed Sam Smith’s “Omen” and Lion Babe’s “Hourglass,” appears on Disclosure’s studio album Caracal, which landed Friday. In itself, this music video is super thrilling as we haven’t seen Lorde in one for months! The music video kicks off with Lorde setting her eyes on a guy, who is later shown in a private room with her as the video progress. In said private room, a way way mature side of Lorde is showcased as she gets a bit frisky with said guy....more

Sep 23 Listen: Disclosure – “Magnets” (feat. Lorde)

Disclosure is currently readying their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Caracal. All the tracks released from the record so far (“Omen with Sam Smith | “Hourglass” with Lion Babe) have been superb, including the latest release, “Magnets.” “Magnets” was one of the collective’s most-anticipated features as not only did it mean BRAND NEW LORDE MUSIC, it meant even more fantastic tracks from Disclosure. Though the production on “Magnets” is minimalistic, Lorde sounds better than she’s ever sounded, as such, the record sound sublime.


Well here’s something we all thought we would never thought of putting together… Sam Smith & Drake. Looking in retrospect this collab should’ve happened a long time ago because Sam & Drake aren’t that different. They’re both known for making songs that get you all in your feelings about loves gone wrong and they both have won Grammys for those exact projects. And now we finally get to hear what it would be like to have Sam & Drake on a track together. While on a visit on BBC’s Live Lounge, Sam & his buddies from Disclosure performed a live...more

Jul 27 VIDEO: Disclosure & Sam Smith – “Omen”

Nothing can tear this dream team apart! Yes , after nearly a month of teasing about this record, our favorite collaborators, the Disclosure boys and their pal Sam Smith have created and released another monster track titled “Omen.” In case you’ve forgotten, Sam’s first time working with the Disclosure duo is what kicked him into the eyes of the main stream audience with their single “Latch.” He gave his voice for the insane dance track but didn’t make an appearance in the video, leaving the world stunned about this then faceless person with the voice of an angel. Until he...more

Jan 27 #WildLife15 Festival is on its way!!

Just when you thought you couldn’t love the disclosure boys anymore. The lads of Disclosure have just announced their new festival titled, “Wild Life.” #WildLife originally started off as a series of very special events by Disclosure, featuring the best DJs and live acts in the world! With names like Visionquest, Eats Everything,Octave One, Dusky, Feel my Bicep and Midland, it was one of the hottest events of last year. Now this year, Guy & Lawrence are taking the event to the next level. With the help of their pals Rudimental, the lads will turn Wild Life into a festival coming...more