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Jan 25 ☆ Artists of the Week ☆ #AOTW (Jan. 25 – Feb. 1)

Here at Trendio we like to introduce you up-and-coming artists first. Since launching in 2014, we’ve brought the likes of Scott Helman, Tink, Jess Glynne, Daya, Isac Elliot, Years & Years, Jon Bellion, Devon Baldwin, and many more. The week ending Jan. 18, we introduced you to massively-talented-teenager Ravyn Lenae, up-and-coming star with the almighty vocal ability Alex Newell, ex-boyband’er Ryan O’Shaughnessy, and stellar songbird JONES. This week, our picks for ones to watch are:

Jan 25 Featured: Bishop

Winning my heart and blowing my mind with one song is an extremely hard task to accomplish but newcomer Bishop did just that without breaking a sweat. If you are an avid blog-stalker, chances are, you stumbled upon River, a track helmed by Bishop, sometime last week. The reason being Bishop shattered all expectations of a new artist in a little over three minutes and it’s hard not to take notice of such remarkable talent. If River is anything to go by, Bishop is in the lead for Discovery of the Year, so what better time to introduce her to...more