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Jul 01 Listen: Austin Mahone – “Dirty Work”

This one has been a long time coming! American singer-songwriter-dancer Austin Mahone returns today with a funk infused new song, which serves as the lead single from his upcoming (and very, very highly-awaited as well as much-delayed) debut album. “Dirty Work” shows a much more mature sound for Mahone, you can hear the maturity in his voice (did it get lower?) and sonically it’s a departure from his pop sound found on his EP “The Secret”. It has jazz influences and kind of reminds me a bit of the king of pop himself, you know, MJ. It’s very catchy and...more

May 26 Listen: Austin Mahone – “Torture”

Still awaiting the reason why Austin Mahone is not a household name. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter stays being good to his fans. As we await the release of the lead single Dirty Work, from his forthcoming studio album, Austin shares “Torture,” a song he wrote and produced with a guy named Robert. “I wanted to give you guys something for being so patient with #DirtyWork,” he wrote. Prior to dropping “Torture,” Austin shared “Someone Like You,” which is still one of my favorite songs of his. Listen to “Torture” below!

Apr 11 Listen: Austin Mahone – “Someone Like You”

How Austin Mahone hasn’t happened yet is beyond me. He writes, sings, produces, not to mention, he isn’t bad on the eyes either, let’s be real. Today, Austin took to his Soundcloud account to share a song, titled “Someone Like You.” The song was produced by him and co-penned by Sam Hook, and Robert Villanueva. Similar to “Waiting For This Love,” released late last year, “Someone Like You” sees Austin profess his unwavering love to his dream girl. Chances are this song is about Becky G, as the other day, the duo were spotted exchanging kisses at the airport in...more

Dec 16 New Music: Austin Mahone – “Waiting For This Love”

Can Austin Mahone make only music like this from now on? Pretty Please? Yesterday (December 15), Austin Mahone surprised his fans with a brand new song he wrote, sharing it on his official YouTube & Soundcloud pages. The video was uploaded with a sweet caption: “Robert and I wrote this in Miami recently. I wanted to give it to you guys as a thank you for supporting everything I do.” It is possible this song isn’t a single but this is hands down some of Austin’s best work, a nice break from all of his very upbeat, pop songs.