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Dec 12 Featured: Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink is a singer-songwriter and music producer from Los Angeles, California. More than anything else, he is a wall of eclecticism now reigning from the mid-90’s to gaining millennial momentum today. He’s recently released his first full-length studio album without Haunted Graffiti — the band which pushed his moniker closer to fame. His sound can most be described as an amalgamation of lo-fi, indie rock, gothic rock, dream pop, and experimental. His newest album, pom pom, explores so many unique and intricate sounds in such a fun and seemingly effortless way. Each track provokes a humble sense of intricacy...more

Dec 12 Artists Of The Week (December 12 – 19)

It’s that time of the week when we say goodbye to our past Artists Of The Week and introduce you to new ones. To kick off the ~tag of the week~ phenomena, we each choose an tag we loved and thought he/she deserved some more recognition. We are doing the same thing this week and every week, starting Friday. Last week, Renée‘s pick was Malia, Haley‘s was Kehlani, Jon‘s was Run The Jewels, and Sarah‘s was Chet Faker. Kehlani faved and so did Malia – Awesome! This week, our picks are