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Mar 09 Teaser: Ariana Grande – “Dangerous Woman”

Incase you missed the memo, Ariana Grande’s risqué era is finally upon us. Following the release of her highly-dragged single Focus, Grande chose to grab the direct the album was going – remaining the album and parting ways with longtime manager, Scooter Braun, in the process. Fast forward to a few days ago, fans of the chanteuse who keep up with her on Snapchat got the first taste of her third solo album, which went from being titled Moonlight to Dangerous Woman. Going off of the title alone, it was certain Grande’s days of being a regular ole pop girl...more

Feb 25 Ariana Grande Launches New Website

Ariana Grande launched a new, interactive website for her fans named The website is divided in two sections, one named “Tea” where Grande announced that she will be hosting and performing at Saturday Night Live on March 12th. The singer confirmed that she will be performing two new tracks, “Dangerous Woman” and “Be Alright”, off her upcoming album “Dangerous Woman”. “I love you so much. Keep checking back for more tea. You know it’s brewing, it’s brewing.” Grande says in her latest statement.  

Feb 12 Ariana Grande Fires Manager Scooter Braun

Too late now to say sorry, Scooter Braun. Ariana Grande has fired long-time manager Scooter Braun, best known for managing Justin Bieber. Though initially it was rumored that Grande’s decision was influenced by her dislike of Bieber, sources have reported that the claim is indeed false. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Grande’s decision of firing co-manager Scooter Braun was because “she did not think the relationship was working for her professionally anymore. It was time to move on”. Ouch. The “Problem” hitmaker will continue to be managed by Stephanie Simon, who has been working with her since her pre-Scooter days....more

Jan 13 Listen: Nathan Sykes – “Over And Over Again” (feat. Ariana Grande)

Interesting… So, it seems Nathan Sykes called in a favor from his ex(?) girlfriend, Ariana Grande. Let’s tell a short tale of this rekindled romance, shall we? First, Sykes teased (via Twitter) a re-worked version of his single Over And Over Again. “It’s such a special song to me and I’m delighted that I’m able to share this with not only a friend of mine but also somebody who is incredibly talented,” he said. Giving it away, Ariana Grande confirmed she was the ~friend in question, liking Sykes’ tweet. The difference between to the original version of the song and...more

Dec 18 Stream Ariana Grande’s EP, “Christmas & Chill”

Since the release of her first-ever Christmas song, Santa Tell Me, I’ve been praying and hoping Ariana Grande would go a bit further with the Christmas thing, you know, like an EP or an album. My dreams became reality yesterday (Dec. 16), when Ariana revealed she’d be releasing a four-track EP, filled with nothing by Christmas songs. Fans who follow the songstress on Snapchat were given the first taste of the EP, as she teased each song within her Snapchat story. Like Santa Tell Me, the songs on the EP are very modernized Christmas songs, a refreshing contrast to some...more

Nov 22 Listen: Who Is Fancy – “Boys Like You” (feat. Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande)

We haven’t heard much from Who Is Fancy since the decline of his debut single, Goodbye. Months after he released his true identity, the Arkansas-born singer enlists two of pop’s biggest stars, Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande for “Boys Like You.” We’re impressed. Not only is this a strong followed up to his debut, it is proof that there’s so much more greatness instilled in Who Is Fancy. Sure, this song could have been just as good without them but Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor add a tint of sassitude (sass + attitude) which uplifts the track to even higher...more

Nov 13 Listen: Justin Bieber – “What Do You Mean? (Remix)” feat. Ariana Grande

The time has come. Justin Bieber’s eagerly-anticipated album Purpose is now avaliable…on iTunes! As previously reported, this is Bieber’s first official album in a couple years, a momental moment in his career after the year he had in 2014. Per iTunes, the album’s deluxe edition comes with nineteen (19) songs, two of which are chart-topping singles, “What Do You Mean?” and “Where Are Ü Now,” which also appeared on Jack Ü’s album. Fans who pre-order the album were instantly given a new version of “What Do You Mean,” one many deciphered after a couple teases, featured Ariana Grande. Head over...more