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Mar 16 Listen: Ameriie – “Out Loud”

Very often, when we are asked “What is Ameriie’s best song?” The first thing that comes to mind is “One Thing,” which was released over a decade ago. Well, well, well, it looks like we may have just found ourselves another favorite ’cause Ameriie is back with yet another amazing track. This one is titled “Out Loud” and it guess what? It was produced by the same guy behind “Out Loud,” Rich Harrison. On soundcloud, where it saw its official release, it is described as “The high-energy, percussive new record,” we couldn’t agree more. To purchase it on iTunes, you...more

Dec 29 Listen: Ameriie – “Mustang”

The year isn’t over just yet. Following the announcement of her 2015 UK tour, Amerie with an extra I, Ameriie, just released a new song entitled “Mustang.” The uptempo tune was released on Soundcloud on December 29, following a tweet by Ameriie – “So many have tried but none can tame her. – #Mustang” Ameriie made her gracious comeback to the music scene earlier this year, releasing a single titled “What I Want.”