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May 19 VIDEO: Alyxx Dione – “Chingalinga”

A little while back, we shared with you the debut single of the first artist on Jason Derulo “Future History” label, Alyxx Dione. Since that, the music video for the song was shot and Alyxx has joined Jason Derulo at numerous occasions to perform the pending smash. Today, the music video was released and we cannot say how good it is enough. From the visuals to the hair and makeup, everything was done perfectly. Been a fan of Alyxx for a minute so to make sure I wasn’t being biased, I asked two others to watch the video and one...more

Apr 06 Listen: Alyxx Dione – ‘Chingalina’ (feat. Jason Derulo)

It is finally here. Jason Derulo’s protégée, Alyxx Dione, has just released her debut single as a signed solo artist. The Jason Derulo-assisted single ‘Chingalina’ saw its official release today, April 6, following the introduction of Alyxx Dione by Jason Derulo and RCA Records. ““I am so proud and excited to introduce FUTURE HISTORY and ALYXX DIONE to the world,” Derulo states. ‘Chingalina’ was produced by Jonas Jeberg and Jason Evigan with vocal production by Jason Derulo and Jonas Jeberg. Alyxx Dione is currently in the studio working on her debut RCA Records / Future History album. Listen to ‘Chingalina’...more

Apr 01 Single: Alyxx Dione – ‘Chingalina’ (feat. Jason Derulo)

In the event that you missed the news, last year, Jason Derulo launched his own record label Future History in partnership with RCA Records. The first artist on their roster is a girl name Alyxx Dione. You probably know her – at least if you use twitter often – she is the one many people claimed looked like a mixture of Ciara and Beyoncé. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Alyxx has devoted a better part of her life to making music. “Every day I’d go to school, come home and do my homework, and then just spend the...more