About Us

Trendio.us was established in December of 2014 by a team of people utterly in love with music.

The name Trendio is derived from the combination of the letters from the words Trend and Audio !

Designed by Haley, Trendio was set up mainly to promote new-and-upcoming artists we love and we think you’d love too!

Every week, we each select an “Artist of the Week,” better know as #AOTW. Each artist that is selected gets a feature page detailing their biography, music, videos and much more.

Here at Trendio, we are interested in bringing a fresh perspective on all the latest music news & sharing the hottest new music talent from around the world.

There’s more. We also blog about recent music news, videos etc. from artists who are already famous.

Thank you for visiting Trendio. Be sure to contact us if need be, xo!