Singles Introducing: Sierra Deaton is Essy Posted by Jesus A. • February 16, 2018

It’s a rebirth.

Goodbye Sierra Deaton, hello Essy! We last caught with Sierra in 2016 during the release week of her last project as part of The X-Factor winning duo Alex & Sierra, who announced their split as a group only a few months ago. Today, Deaton is back under a new moniker and with a brand new, fitting sound.

Essy’s debut single “Don’t Hurt” was produced by Dylan William (Halsey, Flor) and co-written with rising alt-pop artist LostBoyCrow. “I wanna tell you everything about it, boy / I don’t know if I should / Don’t hurt if you don’t know” sings Essy on the topic of keeping her new life a secret from a mourning lover who refuses to move on. Relatable?

Listen to “Don’t Hurt” below.

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