Get Familiar SZA Takes Ctrl of 2017 Posted by Tamara Chapman • December 1, 2017

To God be the only glory every day. Solána Rowe, who we simply know as SZA, has changed the game forever through her music. Lately, she hasn’t been letting the music industry breathe with her back to back award nominations and the success of her recently released album. On June 9th, SZA’s debut album Ctrl was released and to say the very least, this has changed her life forever. Ctrl is not just any R&B album. With a background based on precise sonic methodology, Ctrl is one of the most cohesive pieces of our generation, if that, and tells a story that can linger through your veins for a lifetime. Several interludes throughout the album feature Solána’s nana, who hits the heart with strong words about personal power and emotional freedom.

SZA’s sound is like no other. Her vocal runs shoot through to the ears like an intertwining of venom and honey and let’s not forget about her highly underrated raspy tone that will melt your heart like butter. She is very well known for her soft heart and fuzzy personality. Her bubbly and consistently energetic aura can make anyone fall in love with her, really. No one loves their fans the way that she loves hers. After witnessing her New York City pop-up show firsthand, this was a massive wake up call for the world to realize that she’s not our little secret anymore. Playing for crowds of five hundred people wasn’t going to cut it. It is time to accept that she is destined for so much more than that. She is ready to share her voice with bigger audiences, just as she has worked her entire lifespan for.

To this day, Ctrl continues to get recognized for its impact on the world. The entire population, young, old, and even in between, are appreciating this album for the strikingly raw and real masterpiece that it is. On November 28th, it was made known that SZA is not only now officially a Grammy nominated artist, but the female with the MOST nominations for the upcoming ceremony in 2018. She successfully locked in nominations for Best New Artist, Best Rap Sung/Collaboration for Love Galore,Best R&B Song for Supermodel, Best R&B Performance for The Weekend, and Best Urban/Contemporary Album for Ctrl. Keep in mind that Love Galore was the only single. This proves that on her own and with the support of those who adore her the most, she was able to finally be widely rewarded with the recognition that she rightfully deserves.

With the amount of time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears that SZA has contributed to the making of this art piece, it has been worth the long wait. With so much pressure to be successful, no one can ever imagine the amount of drive behind that brilliant brain of hers. But thankfully, we have the opportunity to continue to indulge in the pleasure that is listening to Ctrl. Every. Single. Day. To say the very least, SZA has paved the way for her successful career just by doing what she does best. Ctrl is genuinely a timeless piece that we must continue to carry in our hearts forever. With another Jimmy Fallon performance around the corner, and an electrifying debut upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live, she continues to blow the world away. 2018 is going to be absolutely insane and as a proud fan of SZA, I am happily proud and grateful to see what lies ahead.

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