Music Video Watch: Melanie Martinez – “Mad Hatter” Posted by Jesus A. • September 23, 2017

Melanie Martinez waves goodbye to the Cry Baby era in her new video for the album’s closing track “Mad Hatter”

The “Pity Party” singer made it her mission to create a visual for every track on her now platinum certified debut album and after nine months in the making, the self-directed and written final act is here.

In “Mad Hatter”, Melanie is naively coerced by black-eyed humanoids into drinking a pink liquid that momentarily takes her into another world, where she is constantly being rescued by creepy yet cute stuffed animals.

Martinez took to Instagram to announce the release of the video along. “The finale of 13 self written/directed/styled videos from the Cry Baby album. In this video my stuffed animals represent the few genuine friends in my life and their constant ability time and time again to support me in being myself even when I’m forced to be in environments where I’m told and expected to fit a specific mold,” explains Martinez.

Watch “Mad Hatter” above

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