Review Album Review: Odesza – ‘A Moment Apart’ Posted by Kyle Cavazos • September 15, 2017

Odesza grabbed the attention of listeners in 2012 with their euphoric EDM, and continues to maintain their signature spiritual, soul-releasing sound in their third studio album, A Moment Apart.

The album begins by telling us what we’re about to experience: a compilation that will take us into space and makes us fall in love with sound. The title track follows with a burst of cosmic vibrations, showcasing the organic, electronic and abundant sounds found throughout the album.

A wide range of lyrical artists are featured throughout the album, but these tracks often lag behind the instrumentals as the lyrics commercialize the natural stylings of Odesza. “Across The Room,” featuring Leon Bridges, shines when his amazing scatting is uplifted with Odesza’s musical release, but fails to capture the same feeling through its actual lyrics.

On the other hand, Naomi Wild in “Higher Ground,” and Regina Spektor in “Just A Memory” deliver entrancing vocals. While Wild creates the perfect, uplifting dance song to wash over a crowd of festivalgoers, Spektor’s haunting lyrics command the track, taking precedence over Odesza who serves as mere background for the pop artist.

Tracks like “Boy,” “Meridian,” and “Late Night” retain the essential Odesza sound that connects the listener to a universal understanding of love through music. Each track creates a visual journey full of color and layers that will cocoon you in a blanket of warm beats.

With A Moment Apart, Odesza continues to push their boundaries, mixing music cultures and expanding their audience. Fans can enjoy the refreshing collaborations and still experience the essence that hooked them from the beginning.

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