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SXSW: Francis and The Lights at LEVI’S Outpost

SXSW: Francis and The Lights at LEVI’S Outpost

Francis Starlite, best known as Francis and The Lights, took the stage at the South by Southwest LEVI’S Outpost on March 14th, 2017.

The up-and-coming electronic musician and frequent collaborator of Chance The Rapper and Bon Iver, charmed the intimate performance’s crowd with electro-pop glitchy melodies, his distinctive voice and interesting, awkward but endearing dance moves reminiscent of those of fellow pop artist Lorde. For 45 minutes, the pop outfit performed his debut project titled Farewell, Starlite! almost in its entirety.

This was Francis and The Lights’ only show at South by Southwest this year and Trendio was there to capture it.

Check out our photo recap below.

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